What is the Fastpass System?

I have touched on the fastpass system in a previous post, but today I want to go a little in depth. It amazes me how many times I’ll be talking about fastpasses and people literally have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m not just talking about people who are not familiar with Disney, but people who have been 2-3 times! It’s baffling. So I want to share with all of you everything I know about the fastpass system.


First, what is a fastpass? A fastpass is a ticket that gets you ahead of the standby lines in the Disney parks. You use to have to go to kiosks throughout the park and scan your park ticket and the kiosk would spit out a ticket with whatever time that you chose so you could come back to ride the ride at that time. Now Disney has taken the fastpass system digital, so you get these nifty things called Magic Bands and you can make fastpass reservations from your mydisneyexperience account. Fastpass lines are generally much shorter than the standby lines.


Next, if you are staying on Disney property, you are able to make your fastpass reservations 60 days prior to your visit. If you are staying off property, you can make your reservations 30 days prior. This is one of the reasons I mentioned in my last post that I like to always stay on site. If you’re making your reservations at 30 days rather than 60, it is likely that all of those hard-to-get fastpasses such as Flight of Passage and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will be taken.

You are able to make three fastpass reservations per day prior to your trip. I always suggest making your fastpass reservations between 11a.m. and 2p.m. because after your use your third fastpass, you are able to log into your mydisneyexperience and make one more reservations. Pro tip: As soon as you scan your third fastpass, jump onto the app and make another reservation before you ever even get on the ride. I would try to make the reservation for as close of a time as you can so that when you go to that next ride, you can make another reservation as soon as you scan your band. I have gotten as many as 11 fastpasses in one day! I average about nine.

The last thing I have to say about fastpasses is to keep checking. All the time. Because Disney likes to throw extra fastpasses up randomly. So even if you are staying off site and you couldn’t snag one of those hard-to-get fastpasses, keep checking daily and you may see it posted.

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