Planning Your WDW Vacation


So you’ve decided to go to Disney World. You’re excited, you’re nervous about how much money you’re about to spend and you’re scared something is going to go wrong. You have so many doubts, and you have no idea where to begin. It may seem like a lot, but as long as you break things down into parts you can plan a stress-free, memorable trip.

The first thing I recommend, (and this may seem like a no brainer), is to choose when you want to go. Your first thought is usually, “When and how long can I take off work?,” and “Should I pull my kids out of school or wait until summer?”. Well, I’ll tell you right now: June through August are pure hell in the parks. That is when the parks are at their highest capacity and it’s hotter than satan’s armpit. Holidays are also miserable. While the decorations are wonderful, the crowds are overwhelming. Also, during Halloween and Christmas Magic Kingdom closes early for special ticketed events (Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party), which you do have to pay extra money for.

I recommend going either during the last two weeks of September, the first two weeks of October, the last two weeks of January, and the first two weeks of February. The weather in September and October is the only downside of going during those months as it is hurricane season and may rain quite a bit. Early February is my favorite time to go because the weather is nice and cool and the crowds are a lot lower.

My second recommendation is to check around for discounted tickets. Often you can find tickets for a lot cheaper than Disney on certified websites such as Undercover Tourist. You can usually find tickets that are $15 to $20 off and a lot of the time you can get an extra free day or two when you buy tickets through UT. Another factor to consider are annual passes. If your trip is going to last more than six days, it may be cheaper to opt for an annual pass rather than individual tickets. Annual passholders also get perks such as free parking at the parks (which is $25 per day) and also discounts on merchandise and some restaurants.


In my next post I will talk more about choosing the hotel that is right for your vacation. Stay tuned!

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